Green Lake Cruises Spicer, MN



Here are some of the common questions we receive for the 'Danny Boy' on Green Lake, spicer, MN

1). Tell me about the vessel....
Our Fun Country Houseboat is 56 ft in length and 14 ft wide. It holds 55 total passengers plus 3crew members. (this includes infants). Of the 55 passengers a maximum of 34 passengers are allowed on the top deck at any one time.

The main cabin is fully air conditioned and has two bathrooms, a full bar and front and rear decks. It has a state -of-the-art sound system that will play to any digital music device.

2). How many seats are available in the main cabin, and is the vessel handicap accessible?
We have comfortable seating for 22 in the main cabin and 4 on the front deck. There are a few steps to get on board and assistance is available from the chain and crew. We are not wheelchair accessible. The stairs to access the upper deck is somewhat steep but has a good railing for extra support

3). Can I bring my own food and beverages on board.
No. Only food and beverages provided by Green Lake Cruises can be used. A full menu selection is available on line. However carrying a beverage on or off board to Zorbaz is allowed.

4). How do I book a private cruise?
The website has e-mail & phone numbers to contact a member of the Cruise team to check available dates, send food and beverage information and prices and confirm details.

5). Do I have to put a deposit down if when reserving a private cruise?
Yes. We require full rental payment of the cruise for the date requested at the time of booking. Either a credit card can be taken over the phone, or a check mailed and we will hold your date for enough time to send in payment.

6). What happens if the weather is bad. Will I get my payment returned?
Yes. If the captain of the trip decides to cancel due to heavy winds or lightening, you will receive a full refund or raincheck. Whatever the customer wishes. We do not cancel due to rain or temperatures. (See contract link)

7). Will the vessel stop during the two hour cruise?
Not usually, however if a customer arranging the trip wishes to stop for a while this is allowed. However we need to return to the dock within the two hour time scheduled.

8). Where should private cruises plan on parking?
We ask that private groups utilize the large parking lot at Salsbury beach. This will help Zorbaz patrons.

9). Can we get married on the boat and decorate?
We have had several couples exchange vows on board. We typically head to a calm area, stop the engines and give you time for the ceremony. Light decorating is allowed PRIOR to the event. Everything must be removed within 10 minutes of completion of the cruise.

10). How do I buy a public cruise ticket?
Public tickets are now available on line at our website. We reserve a Limited amount of tickets for public cruises. Secure Online payments may be made on our website by clicking on the public cruise information and Schedule.

11). If I purchase a public ticket and I can't make that date will I get a refund.
No. Unless the cruise is cancelled due to weather or mechanical issue, no refunds apply.